OUR Adventures

Life in the post work world.

Aloha Pride of America

Twas a bit consternating getting to our ship this morning as apparently it is King Kamehameha’s birthday today and they held a rather large parade

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Aloha Hawaii

One of our bucket items was removed from our list today with a visit to our 50th state. After a 7 hour smooth flight from

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IMDB Status

We are proud of our kiddo as she is officially on IMDB now. One checkbox off the list with many more to come.

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Back from Caribbean

After 12 days we are back in home from our cruise to the Caribbean with Mom and John. Overall the trip was a good one.

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Freeport Bahamas

Today we arrive at Freeport for our second stop of the trip. With no excursions planned, we simply visited the nearby tourists shops and hung

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Key West

After a couple of days at sea, today we arrived at our first port of call Key West. The so called upgraded Internet package has

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Cruise Trip Underway

Well our Eastern Caribbean cruise is officially underway. To ease the drive, we are stopping over in Austin to break down the trip for the

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Longboat Key

For the first time since 2017, we are back in Longboat Key visiting with Bob and Joani. We spent the first part of the trip

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Progress Bar

RV 49 STATES-Visit 50

One of the items on the old bucket list is to visit /camp all 50 states so here is the progress thus far. Yellow is RV'ed and Green is visited