Who We Are?

Our Story

Welcome to our website. This site is dedicated to documenting our travels during our retirement years; not so much for the pleasure of the online world but a place that we can come back to when our ability to travel declines and our memories fade.  With any luck, someone else may find a tidbit or two useful as they plan for their own getaway.  I hope to keep up the blogs to relay the places we stay and sites and experiences we stumble upon.

My wife and I recently retired in December of 2020 and January of 2021 respectfully.   Our focus during early retirement years will be to visit all 50 states and most, if not all, of the National Parks.  As somewhat of a “foodie”,  I also want to experience the culinary scene throughout the country.  In addition to America, we would like to visit all 7 continents although I’m not sure how to do Antarctica just yet.  A lot to squeeze in before D day so here we go.