OUR Adventures

Life in the post work world.

Comfort, TX

Our friends in Kerrville transferred off another daughter to non single status this past weekend. As we have attended all wedding since their’s, we could

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Viva Puerto Rico

The CP BS crew enjoyed a an evening of Puerto Rican food hosted by the Munns who had won the dinner at San Angelo Cultural

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Attack of Chewbacca

Myra gets a face full of Chuy, her brother’s family new addition to the family. If they’re not careful, I may have to instigate a

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KC Trip

This past week we had the opportunity to see Morgan and Blake in Kansas City, MO and meet up with Bob and Joani for a

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Vegas Baby

Our CP team went to our inaugural “convention” in toasty Las Vegas over the weekend. Had to have a substitution to make the numbers even

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Aloha Day

Well the good times have come to a close. Today we have our last meal on the island before the airport. Went back to Hua

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Last full Day

Today is our last full day of the trip and another selfie; this one taken by Thumbs McGee. Today we rented a HUI car and

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Progress Bar

RV 49 STATES-Visit 50

One of the items on the old bucket list is to visit /camp all 50 states so here is the progress thus far. Yellow is RV'ed and Green is visited