Aloha Pride of America

Twas a bit consternating getting to our ship this morning as apparently it is King Kamehameha’s birthday today and they held a rather large parade which blocked traffic going every which way. San Angelo you are blessed to have it so easy with the Rodeo Parades. We waited in a meter running cab for 45 minutes to make the turn onto the highway to the pier. Once at the pier it was easy going. Our ship is currently at about 1/2 capacity which makes it quite nice. The trade off is some of the restaurants are closed during specific hours. We were offered an upgrade which we took and will spend the week in a Penthouse suite with all the perks that go along with it including access to some of the restaurants closed to the lower tiered rooms. Every now and then you get lucky. We head out to Maui tonight at 19:00hrs and will do our first shore excursion to Haleakala Crater in the afternoon.

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