Ups and Downs in Portland

It has been a couple of days of ups and downs in Portland this week so far. After taking it easy the first day, we set out on Thursday to try some of Oregon’s wine. We started out at Ponzi which I think is probably one of the largest and well know Oregon vineyards. Their winery is very nice, very large and the views are outstanding. We sampled a few of their Pinots as well as some whites and they were all pretty tasty. Not much incentive though for membership so we headed to our second vineyard called Hawks View. We picked it because we thought the views would be nice and it was on the way back to our site. The views were nice but not comparable to Ponzi. Their wines were decent but nothing to write home about, just a small blog worthy.

That’s where the fun ended though. When we got back to our camp, we discovered our refrigerator was no longer functioning. After some YouTube videos and online research, I have concluded the cooling unit is kaput. The cooling unit is about $1200 for the part and a new frig is around $1450 so, I am now trying to find a frig and a place to install it that is on our route and coincides with our timeline. Not an easy task as some won’t work on an RV older than 10 years, some are booked until August or September and some are just plain crooks. To get us by in the meantime, I have procured a portable frig/freezer as dealing with coolers and ice is a royal pain in the #$$. While Myra went to her conference in Portland, I set up the new box and it appears to be working fine although it is a bulky and heavy addition to our travels. We should be back on track now so we are heading out to another tasting tomorrow and planning on checking out Portland Monday and Tuesday.

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