Leg 24 to Bothell, WA (aka Seattle)

Well today’s leg was one not to be remembered yet here I go. The previous leg brought us back to Portland for the Frig repair so we spend most of the day at Camping World waiting for the install to complete. We got up about 6:30am so we would be first in line at the service center. They started on the replacement right away while we went for some breakfast at Eddies. (Eddies is about like Dennys and should be avoided). At about noon I found out they had finished the install of the new frig but that it was not working. They pulled the defective frig and apparently called another customer who was scheduled to have the same frig installed and asked him to give his up. Out of the kindness of his heart, he let us have his frig. Goes to show there are good people even in Portland. After another 3 hours, we finally got everything installed and were on our way to Seattle a few pennies lighter. Got to Bothell just before dark, stepped in a Goose crap minefield at our pad and finally got setup. Not a day to remember but the prospects here are good. The new frig is working well so far.

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