Tourist Feat Accomplished

Today we decided to take a little Friday drive to see some of the area sites. We started out this morning at the crack of 10:30 and made a pitstop at the Burger Boy Drive-in for some breakfast cheeseburgers. After we were sated, we headed out to the Hovenweep National Monument about 41 miles West of our location. After a short hike and a few pics, we decided to continue West to Utah then headed South to New Mexico and West again to Arizona. Romance over took me and Myra an I kissed in Arizona, held hands in Colorado, played footsie in New Mexico and I grabbed her tush in Utah. All at the same time! Gotta be a record. Planned on getting that on film but a glitch in the camera or operator prevented that. We did however convince a couple nearby to take the one posted here. This photo cost us 16$ BTW. Navajos get you coming and going. What did we ever do to them?

After our photo sesh, we headed back to Cortez to pickup dinner and a few additional sundries. Plan is to leave after we get up and head to our next site in Montrose, CO and hopefully a speed round through Black Canyon at Gunneson NP.

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