Tombstone and Bisbee Day Trip

Today we took a road trip via Historic Hwy 80 to Tombstone, AZ and Old Bisbee, AZ. Although a bit windy, the temperatures were in the 80s and the sun was out. Tombstone is a quaint town where the Movie Tombstone was filmed. Much of the set is still in place and many of the actors still perform in this small town. Kurt Russels house has been converted into a museum and Bird Cage theater is still operational although we did not attend any performances. We did however visit the Boothill Cemetery where Sam Elliot and Val Kilmer are buried.

After a mediocre lunch at Puny Johns BBQ, we headed off to Old Bisbee. This quaint town is situated in the hills about 30 minutes Southeast of Tombstone. It kinda reminds me of a cross between Austin, TX and Eureka, Missouri. Very retro artsy fartsy with old architecture and layback atmosphere. We futsed around for a couple of hours then headed back to Benson for some RV shrimp tacos. The evening concluded with a showing of that historic blockbuster – Tombstone, filmed in Arizona.

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