For todays dinner we met Jaime, a friend of a friend, at Kin Chan Sushi.  Jaime helped us with finding some great spots on his island.  This place seats only 12 persons and the owners dont speak much English.  The waitress/ owners wife asked if I would like Omakase and I said sure.  I didn’t realize she was talking about the entire party.  By the time I figured out I had ordered for everyone it was too late.  I dont know how many dishes we had but they were all quite good.  I was wondering how many dishes the Omakase had when the waitress asked me ” Are you full yet?”.  She said the chef will continue making dishes until you tell him no more.  Good to know as we were about 2 dishes past full so I ordered a couple more and we called it a night.  We each had below and I did not take pictures of all the dishes.  Would recommend this place but keep score if you get the Okakase! 

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