North Cascades NP

After 2 days of some pretty crappy air from the fires, we decided to get out and see one of the national parks on our list despite the drive and smoke. We started off this morning at the crack of nine and after some Apple Jacks, started on the 2+ hour drive to North Cascades National Park. After I-5, it was a pretty drive East to the park. This particular park centers around the damed lake and the beautiful glacial mountains that surround it. I posted a couple of pictures in the galley of the current situation which shows a lot of haze and very little ice. Not sure if this is normal for this time of year or if its another victim of global warming but the drive was worth it nonetheless. We spent a few hours driving around and hiking some of the beginner trails before heading back to our site.

Tomorrow we start the pack and prep for the journey East and then South. Next stop is Wenachee which is encircled with quite the variety of forrest fires then on to Glacier NP.

Time in the Seattle area was quite enjoyable. Im just a bit sorry we could not hit the Canadian side. This Covid crap has got to break sometime soon.

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