Leg 8 The Boat is Rockin’ to the Rockies

Finally after 2 days, we make it to our fourth National Park stop of our trip. This is after a not so fun trip on I 70 traversing the highest elevation for us to date 10600 feet near Vale Pass. Road construction brought traffic to a stand still for about 20 minutes leaving us with an average 43 mph trip.

We are spending the week at the Winding River RV Resort actually somewhat in the National Park. We setup and started planning our itinerary. This is a big park compared to the others on this trip. 100 mile round trip to Bear Lake is going to be in the plans but we are fighting those insufferable tourists all along the way.

To our surprise, our cell service is pretty decent here so I can continue my rants and blogs. Today we sit and plan and tomorrow we put some miles on the old Jeep. Hope to post some better pics.

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