Leg 4 to Yuma

Today we left Benson, AZ after 4 nights there and headed to Yuma, AZ for a one nighter at the Blue Sky Resort. Winds have been the best of any of the days of travel and resulted in my best mileage to date, a whooping 7 mpg. The ride to Yuma was uneventful and relatively quick; however the arrival temperature was 95 degrees. After so many comfortable days, the heat was a hard pill to swallow. What do you expect in Yuma I suppose. We have decided to stay in the air conditioning and not venture outside so as not to acclimate to the higher temp. Hence no pictures. We have a checkin time tomorrow in Chula Vista at 2:00pm so we’ll be in no rush to get there

RV Park Review: Full disclosure, we only stayed one night and mostly stayed in RV due to the heat. This is a very nice park and would be a high dollar resort in more touristy towns. I am not sure what the appeal is in Yuma other than a good place to get out of the heat in winter because there are a slew of RV parks in the area. This park appears to be one of the nicer ones and has many amenities. It is easy to traverse and you get an escort to your lot upon arrival. Personally it would not be a destination park but if you are a snowbird, you can’t go wrong here. We camped at Blue Sky Ranch RV Park in a Motorhome.


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