Leg 5 To Lajitas, TX

After a night of Bingo and visiting with old friends the Portillos, we headed out at the crack of 11:00 to Lajitas our next stop about 45 miles down the road.  As previously stated, this road is reportedly precarious to larger vehicles.  After Big Sur and Colorado, we found the road was not as bad as advertised.  Granted it is curvy and does have a very steep 15% grade in one section but it its not very long and as long as you take it slow, pretty easy to navigate.  No tight turns with jagged cliff faces to hit.  

Lajitas is an old mining town that became a ghost town after the mines shut down.  A company out of Houston bought the town and converted it into a resort with golf course and RV park.  Pretty nice place and not overly expensive.  We spend the first evening at the Saloon and ate pizzas and hot wings.  Saturday we go more upscale and hit the main restaurant.  Well let you know how that goes.

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