Leg 40 to Carlsbad, NM

We decided not to venture out in Albuquerque since we were there only the one night and the weather was not cooperating. We headed out pretty early in the rain from Albuquerque to tackle the drive to Carlsbad, NM. After 4 1/2 months of rainless beautiful days, the precipitation has finally caught up with us. It has pretty much rained on us since we left Flagstaff and it doesn’t look like its going to let up until Saturday. We visit the Caverns NP tomorrow morning which will at least be indoors so to speak. Afterwards we had planned to visit Guadalupe NP but will re-evaluate tomorrow.

We are staying at the Carlsbad RV Park and Campground which is the closest full service park to the Caverns. This is not the most scenic park of our trip and is quite close to the highway but was selected for it’s proximity to the National Parks. The proprietors are very friendly and the park has everything we need for our short stay.

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