Leg 4 To Presidio, TX

After 5 days in Ft Davis with the Elkins, we headed South for a couple day stopover in Presidio, TX.  Upon departure, I notice that the right rear tire was about 30lbs short of ideal so I filled it up with the intent of finding a tire shop asap.  We fueled in Ft Davis and I realized I only got 4.5mpg on our trip down Monday in the high winds.  I digress.  Ft Davis was sans a tire shop with a free schedule so we headed out.  About 1/2 way of our trip, I pulled over to check the tire again and intended to fill up but was only about 10 lbs under.  Another vehicle had pulled to the side ahead of us and were stranded with engine problems.  After about an hour Myra translating and providing tools to no avail  we ferried one of the guys to Presidio and dropped him off at a conveinece store where he was going to meet up with his mechanics.  

We found a shop on the recommendation of some local friends, Thanks Laura and found the tire leak was due to a faulty aka loose valve stem.  They fixed us up for 20$ and we were on our way.  Our RV site can best be described as a drive in movie theater lot with no screen.  Very sparse and in the middle of BFE.  In two days we plan on taking the much lauded Rio Grande River Road aka 170 aka Camino del Rio to Lajitas, TX.   We were cautioned this road is not easy for a big rig.  Fingers crossed.  We have been with spotty cell service and it doesn’t look like it will get much better. 

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