Leg 4 Better View in Pagosa Springs

Although pretty, the Great Dunes National Park is quite small, comparatively, and can be enjoyed in just two days for the non-rugged outdoorsy types. We left about 10:00 this morning and made our way to Pagosa Springs via the Wolf Mountain Pass. That was about the steepest, lengthiest up and down grade we have ever encountered in the RV. 25mph uphill for im guessing 7 miles then do everything to keep from going over 45 or less downhill for about the same. The roads were very good though so not a perilous journey. We got to our camp at 12:30, washed to RV and are now doing some laundry. Site is perfect facing the San Juan river which is roaring on by and lulling me to sleep. Temp about 72 so gonna be nice one it would seem. Just two days here before we head to Mesa Verde NP.

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