Leg 35 to Virgin, UT aka: Zion National Park

Today we left Bryce Canyon NP and headed out to our last Utah National Park- Zion. We took the long way around on 89 to avoid the switchbacks of Hwy 9 and get some reasonably priced gas in Arizona. After gas we drove thru FLDS country near Colorado City, UT and came in on the South side of Zion via the Apple valley and Hurricane, UT. After dropping off Jazz at her spa and resort for the night, we grabbed a bite at Oscars Cafe then took a quick trip through Zion and made our plans to attack the park in the am. Since we were without our extra passenger, we stopped at Balcony One in Virgin for some drinks and dinner. Had a great time talking with some locals and socialized with a former 5-0 bartender. This restaurant was started during Covid and really has a lot to offer. Highly recommend it to anyone in visiting the area.

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