Leg 31 to Ogden, UT after Jackson Hole Epic Fail

Well it was bound to happen. We have had such good luck with the weather and avoiding wild fires that it was bound to run out as it did on this leg of the trip. As mentioned in the previous blog, we had a bit of smoke haze coming into Gros Ventre Campground. According to the guy at the campground office, it has been hazy for months. Not the news we were hoping for. Myra’s blood oxygen dropped and she could hardly talk after just a few hours so we made the decision to leave and spend the extra time in Ogden where the air quality was a bit better. Surprisingly the campground refunded our money through Recreation.gov which surprised me. Cuddos to them. Didn’t have much planed for Ogden originally as it was just going to be an overnight but I think we may visit the Great Salt Lake during our stay here. We also have to hit the laundry again and perform some minor repairs as well as allow Myra time to recover.

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