Leg 3 To Fort Davis, TX

This morning we cleared out and headed to Ft Davis State Park just North of the namesake town. It was only about 45 miles down the road so we were there before noon and luckily our spot had been cleared. According to the Park Rangers, they are completely full so it’s probably a good thing we got the reservations very early. Elkins crew is slated to arrive around 4:20. Our turn to cook so shrimp quesadillas will be on the menu. Wont be posting any pictures for a few days as the cell service here is virtually non existent. No ATT and just a sprig of Verizon which will hopefully be enough for some streaming and to send this blog. We took the afternoon to canvas the area, check out the town and pick up a couple of grocery items. 

There is a new moon on Monday and this area is known for dark nights so the plan is to head out and photograph the Milky Way at around 2:00am. We’ll see how that plan pans out. Pictures will be posted as service allows.

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