Leg 3 Dunes a Buggin.

Today we stuck to plan and headed North to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.  We took a brief stop Los Luceros Historic Site just outside of Espanola, NM to visit a historic hacienda dating back before the US became the US.  We got to camp around 3:30 and setup before heading to the park for some preliminary recon.  The weather was so nice, we decided to do a little off roading and took a few pictures.  Forgot the OFF at the RV so we served the local mosquito population some German and Mexican food.  The Oasis RV site is very close to the national park, about 2 miles I think, but is only a park in the sense that there are RVs.  Although not quite a parking lot, it’s damn close.  The only cozier park we have ever stayed at was Murin Park in San Francisco.  Here we can at least put the awning out without hitting the neighbors but barely.  As I write this it is starting to rain.  We can see the dunes next to the snow capped Rockies and its quite a site.  No restaurants in 20 miles so its biscuits and gravy tonight.  Will post a few pictures soon.  

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