Leg 28 to Helena, MT “The Anniversary Drive”

Day 119 and we headed out early to avoid the snarling construction in West Glacier. Today is our 30th anniversary and we could think of no better way to spend it than driving the 212 miles to Helena, MT. The day started with knocking the ice off the awning and pounding the levelers to get them to come up. Seems it got down below 32 overnight. After a gas pitstop and airing a low jeep tire we headed to Helena. This was actually one of the most beautiful drives of the trip with several lakes Salmon, Placid and Swan to name a few and a couple of National Forrests- Lolo and Flathead. We came down on the West side of the Rockies on Hwy 83 then cut over on 200 to get to Helena. This trip is pretty much a stop over trip so we have no sights on the itinerary. We are getting a tire leak fixed on the Jeep tomorrow as well as a dog grooming and pharmacy run and that will about do it. We will also be dining at Luccas for our day late anniversary meal since the place we wanted to go is closed today. Thursday we are off to Yellowstone.

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