Leg 27 to West Glacier, MT

Leg 27 takes us to West Glacier, Montana at the West Glacier KOA RV Resort. We decided to take I90 as opposed to Hwy 2 due the faster arrival time. We made the trip in 6 hours averaging about 39 miles an hour. I imagine the Hwy 2 route would have taken us another hour. The KOA is very nice and very large. We just had dinner at the onsite restaurant which was actually pretty good and the prices reasonable. I figured we would be eating burgers or sandwiches but Myra had a flat iron and I the baby backs. They also had King Salmon on the menu but were out. It was only 26$ for the entree which is better than we have seen anywhere else for King. Phone reception here once again is spotty so we may be out of the loop for a few days but the Wifi is tolerable. Hope to have some Glacier shots in the coming day.

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