Leg 20 to Newport, OR

Another short leg brings us to Newport, OR about 60 miles North from our last locale. We took our time getting here and stopped at the Heceta lighthouse for some photos. You can see them in the galley. We got to Pacific Shores Resort about 1:00pm and setup. This Motorcoach only site compares to the views in Malibu and is a splurge on our trip. Apparently the wealthy buy the lots here and then rent them out to us folk. We saw a couple for sale by owner priced at around 200K. Our site would probably go for $300K as it has one of the better views of the park. And that is for a concrete slab with electric!!!  Insane.  A bit overcast and the temperature is around 64. Gonna miss leaving the coast.

On a side note, while at our last place we were sitting around having our evening happy hour when I though I would get some practice with my telephoto. Saw what I though might be a buzzard or perhaps a Raven. When I developed and zoomed in,,, I got the below pic. Was quite far off so not a very great shot but it surprised me.

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  1. Awesome photo. Two inches of rain in the gauge today as a slow system moved through beginning around 5:00 this morning. Miss you guys. Be safe.

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