Leg 18 to Hiouchi, CA

Leg 18 took us to Hiouchi, CA and the Redwood Meadows RV Resort. We stopped for a late lunch at the Hiouchi Cafe which is directly across the street from the park. This, unlike the last park has lottsa trees around and throughout the park. It is basically in the Redwood Forrest. Parking here unlike most parks is parallel so our front door faces the forrest with a large “yard” area. Although cell service is present here, it is not very good and neither is the wifi so I will continue to hold uploading pictures until the bandwidth increases. Only so many trees you can shoot anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Leg 18 to Hiouchi, CA”

    1. Twas a balmy 77 earlier but has cooled down now to about 70. We can’t complain about the weather thus far. Hopefully Oregon and Washington will cool back down to normal before we go inland later this month.

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