Leg 17 to Redcrest, CA

Well HWY 1 is officially in the books as we finished this California landmark. As posted previously, we chickened out going any further North on the 1 for fear of death and damage and took Hwy 20 East instead then got on the 101. We arrived at our next site in Redcrest right off the Avenue of the Giants in the heart of Redwoods country. The Ancient Redwood RV Park is a decent one with full hookups and surrounded by giant redwoods. Surrounded is the issue as there is not much shade in park itself but the scenery is nice. After setup, we journeyed to an area with Cell coverage so that we could pay some bills and answer some calls then toured some of the Avenue of Giants. Once again, there will be few picture posts as there is only limited Wifi service in the park. Guess will look at some trees tomorrow.

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