Leg 16 A return to Roswell, NM

After 3 sultry days in the Canyons of Palo Duro, it was time to head to cooler climates ie, Roswell, NM. Highs for the next couple of day will be 97 and 100. Oh well, beats 110.

This segment was a much easier journey than the preceding. The almost un-eventful trip brought back by normal 5.7mpg and easier winds. We did lose our dining room table during the trip just to make things exciting. The piano hinge holding the table to the cabinet broke off causing the table to hit the floor with a noticeable bang. Our first order of business upon arrival was to hit the Home Deport for the parts to repair the table and a quick car wash. After a couple of hours we were clean and sitting back at the table. Dinner was at the House of Hunan to quash the hankering’. Still hankering.

Only thing on the books for now is the UFO museum to extend your knowledge of alien lifeforms and their history. Probably will be similar to the Native American museums we have visited.

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