Leg 15 to Palo Duro Canyon State Park

After an uneventful few days in Oklahoma City, we head to Palo Duro Canyon State Park in what looks like will be a scorcher. We have loaded up on provisions to include another case of water and three boxes of ice cream.

This leg turned out to be the worst as far as the drive is concerned. We had a 30+ mph unrelenting crosswind most of the way. Temperatures were 100+ and the trek is basically uphill climbing 3000 feet over the course of the trip so I got the worst mileage ever in the RV. Glad we stopped earlier than scheduled to fill up or we would have been in deep doodoo making the gas station.

Site is very nice. Temps in the canyon are about 110 from a reading in our basement. We will have to enjoy the Canyon from inside the RV till the sun sets and try in the morning to see the sites. Good thing its not raining as our picnic table has river rock and dirt beneath it. Limited service here so this will be the last post and picture until our next leg.

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