Leg 13 to Napa, CA

Today we took a short ride to our next camp site at the Skyline Wilderness Park. This park is actually located in Napa about 15 minutes from downtown so it is a great location. The park is a bit more on the rustic side but has full hookups. Made a slight error today in setup. After about 40 minutes of getting everything setup, the RV perfectly level, the sewer hose run etc etc, we found out from the rightful renter that we were in the wrong spot. So after unhooking everything and reseting up not as level, we finally completed in time to make our first tasting. We went to Cuvaison Winery and had a real good wine waiter. We were scheduled to sample 5 wines but he must of felt sorry for us and we got to sample 8 to include some nice estate reserves. Off to a good start in Napa Valley. Tonight we have dinner at Tarlas, a Mediterranean joint so I guess I’ll get me a gyro or döner.

RV Park Review: The biggest plus of this park is it’s proximity to the Napa Valley. The RV park is located within a local park and equestrian area which closes around 8:00pm or so. After that the RV park is within a gated area. The staff is friendly and accommodating. This smaller RV park is mostly gravel and has a few full hookup back in sites where you back straight into your neighbor facing the other way. The park is clean and has several walking/horse trails nearby. Napa is about a 10 minute drive. We camped at Skyline Wilderness Park in a Motorhome.


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2 thoughts on “Leg 13 to Napa, CA”

  1. Is the fire damage to Napa Valley noticeable?
    The evening news for the past couple of days has been showing how bad California is looking.

    1. We saw several areas where there was some damage to trees and landscaping. It is all still pretty dry and the odds are they will have another fire this year.

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