Leg 12 to Branson, MO

Let 12 takes us Branson, MO to which Myra and I have never been. Had to see what all the fuss was about. After a quick 3 1/2 hour drive to Branson, we spent another 45 minutes making the 4 mile drive from the highway. This city is packed with folks. My description after a few hours here is Redneck Vegas meets Six Flags. Several more shows and attractions than I ever thought. We are in a nice privately owned RV park and after receiving the owners recommendations as well as a friend of Joani’s must do list, we have decided on three shows and a visit to Top of the Rock resort as our agenda items. They are Clay Coopers Country Express, The Haygoods, and Queen Esther. Will let you know how they go in a future post.

Today its was a Burger at Pickin Porch Grill who had a live band playing some classics. Tonight we relax at the RV and enjoy a new wine. I have ordered some hearing aids so that I may better fit in with the local scene. Myra feels right at home. 😉

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