Leg 10 To Santa Cruz Costanoa KOA

Today we take a quick leg to just North of Santa Cruz near Pescadero at the Costanoa KOA. This is the first campground with very limited Cell and Wifi service so there won’t be many posts. We are justing spending the night anyway and then heading for an oil change before Yosemite. Gonna be a long day tomorrow. This campground is very nice but like most KOA’s a bit too expensive. The good thing is there is an onsite restaurant with bar that serves pretty good food. We will probably spend most of the day here as neither of us are in the mood for more driving. Tonight we celebrate our 1 month anniversary of this trip. 1 down/4 to go.

RV Park Review: This is a well laid out park with plenty of trees and lots of amenities to include a pretty good onsite restaurant. It’s pretty far away from any towns and grocery stores so prepare for that and as with many KOA’s family oriented. We took a premium slot which was well kept and had its own furnished patio and bbq. The staff was friendly and the area felt pretty secure with several areas to walk and access to the beach. With that said, I don’t like this park. My main gripe is the money. Its just too expensive to justify and KOA’s quest for the dollar left a bad taste in my mouth. This park was only about 1 1/2 hours from our last park so we arrived about 12:30. Checkin time is 2:00. Even though there was no one in the site we chose, the park still charged an extra $20 for early arrival. To me this is a poor policy. I understand that arriving early can be problematic if people are in the process of leaving it could cause a bit of a jam but charging so much for the occasional early arriver is overkill. We would have waited if there was maintenance to do on the lot but seriously, 2 hours to get a lot in order?? My pet peeve rant.


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