Leg 10 to Oakley, KS..,Maybe?

Today we head out to Oakley, KS for a stopover trip on the way to KC. Things are not starting out like we hoped. Apparently, there is an issue with the sites septic system and when I opened my black tank last night, it would not drain into the the septic tank. I shut off the flow but now I have 20′ of raw sewage stuck in my sewer line. Maintenance has come by early this morning and their guess is some kids or other nefarious group has clogged the septic with rocks or other debris. They are now on the process of suiting up and gathering buckets for the poop line extraction. Hopefully we will be able to get underway soon. For now, however, we remain tethered to our site by a stinky umbilical.

Well after dressing in hazmat suits, respirators and arm length gloves almost exactly like Bill Murrey in the Caddyshack pool clean scene, two maintenance guys emptied my hose into a couple of pickle buckets and thus our umbilical was severed and we were on our way about 10:15am. We ate and fueled along the way and made it to our site in Oakley, KS about 5:15 CDT where we emptied our bursting tanks. Hooked up electric and no AC, now what? After farting around for about 30 minutes, we figured out the site electric was bad and connected to our vacant neighbors. We left the Jeep hooked and will plan on leaving as soon as we arise. Better luck in KC, fingers crossed.

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