Kerrville, Trip

Our first trip out since the Pacific Coast Loop, we headed out to Fredricksburg for some rainy fun in wine country. Weather was pretty chilly so we mostly stayed at the RV Park and made a few trips in town for dining and essentials. Friday we headed to visit with some old friends in Kerrville, TX. Had a great time with them and took in some of the area sites like Stonehenge II and Lost Maples State Park. I dont know if we are just spoiled but we were a bit underwhelmed by Lost Maples. Not sure if we just didn’t catch the best fall colors or were a bit off on our dates but the scenery was just so so. Pretty but not a site to behold. Camping at Rio Robles RV Park which is a 55+ park near the river and close to downtown. Deer here are plentiful and pretty tame. Jazz is just not sure what to make of these skinny dogs. We spend a few more days here then head back to Angelo for Thanksgiving prep.

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