Just Another Couple of Days in Jellystone

Saturday we celebrated Myras birthday by checking out the town of West Yellowstone, doing a little shopping and then dinner at Madison Crossing. I would recommend this place for anyone traveling in the area as the prices were reasonable and the food was good.

On Sunday, we headed back out to the Park at the crack of 6:00am to check out some more photo ops. This was a good idea as far as beating the crowds but the temperature at that time was 28 degrees F. A bit chilly causing lots of water vapor and mist and keeping Myra pretty stationary in the warm jeep. She dropped me off so I could do a small hike from Biscuit Basin to Old Faithful and we met at the latter. Was a nice walk but got crowded very quickly today. We headed back to our site by 11:30 when the lines were starting to develop longer than my patience threshold.

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