Jelly Belly & Napa Tour

With triple digit temperature since we arrived on Sunday, we did not feel up to many outdoor activities. We took the opportunity to get some needed items out of the way like a wash for Jazz and the Jeep as well as an oil change (for the Jeep not Jazz) and the ever present laundry. Today the temperatures leveled off a bit so we took the opportunity to visit the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield. It was an interesting tour and we picked up a few samples to include the less popular flavors of vomit, booger, canned dog food and ear wax. Haven’t had gumption to try those just yet. After lunch we headed to Napa to check out the site we will move to on Sunday and toured the area to get ideas. The temperature there was about 15 degrees lower than Vacaville so we are ready to pull up stakes here.

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