From Wine to Winding

Once again we had to get up at the crack 9:00 to make it to our early morning tasting at 11:00. After a quick breakfast at Aquatica Cafe in Jenner, (good Coffees) we headed to the Fort Ross Winery. They are known for their Pinots and Chardonnays. We liked both including a rather tasty Sparkling wine so we took a couple home for second opinions. After the tasting we took some time heading North on the 1 to take some photos. After a few miles of twist and turns and Myra screaming, it was determined this may not be the best route to take in the RV when we head north. Super narrow roads with many switch backs so an alternate route will need to be sought. 

 We got some great shots before heading off to Church. Myra wanted to go to mass in the small Bodega Catholic Church where the Hitchcock movie “The Birds” was filmed. So we did or she did.  The church is rather old and my entry may have caused an electrical fire.  

We ended the day with some market bough Dungeness crab which I made into some tasty sammiches. For those thinking that seafood on the California Hwy would be a good deal, think again. They see the tourist coming a mile off and everything is higher than a giraffes #*#&. Even the stuff you have to cook yourself demands a steep monetary commitment.

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