First Day in Yellowstone NP

After Glacier, we decided to try and beat the crowds by heading out early and getting back before noon. We left to the park at around 5:20am and made it to our bucket list location,Old Faithful, at around 7:00am. This is one of those touristy spots that apparently you have to visit or you dont get credit for going to Yellowstone. We waited around till around 8:22am for the eruption and took our obligatory shot of the geyser before making the loop around the park. We stopped in a couple of spots to take some photos but were mainly out to get a feel for the park. It is enormous and we only saw a portion of it on our 100+ mile journey. We did see bison, bald eagles, chipmunks and your standard bird fare but bears, wolves and elk eluded us this trip. We will be making another attempt Sunday for some wildlife and landscape shots.

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