Fathers Day – More Wine

Happy Fathers Day to all who have sired! Today we took a trip into Santa Rosa for a couple more tastings. After a good lunch at Willies Wine Bar, named after its namesake in Paris, France, we took our first tasting at Martinellis. As far as tastings go, this one was good but not on the level of others we have tried. We only got to try their lower tier wines and the membership incentives were not enough to sucker us in. We did get on their mailing list, however. The second tasting was at Deloach Wineries which was an excellent tasting. The server was very knowledgable and sat with us for much of the tasting. Thanks Rick! The also served a nice charcuterie board. Needless to say, we acquired a membership here as well. They produce many other wines including Buena Vista Winery, JCB Collection, Raymond Vineyards and Wattle Creek Winery so this will give us incentive to visit those places on our next trip.

Fathers Day dinner was at the Terrapin Creek Restaurant in Bodega Bay. This was one of the better restaurants we have eaten at on the PCH and a fitting end to a great day.

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