Day trip to Sonora, CA

We decided to take a day trip to Sonora, CA about 27 miles back in the Valley. We had a nice lunch at Diamondback Grill where our waitress made a suggestion to take a nice ride on Wards Ferry Road. She said it was primarily known to locals and a beautiful drive back to where our camp was. I will say it was beautiful; however, I think she may have had a laugh at our expense. This road was about 8 feet wide in places with sheer drops to a sure death; and it was two ways. We met a few vehicles head-on and had a few too close for comfort passes. The motorcycles were intimidating but the 3/4 ton pickup tested our mettle. I did persuade Myra to take a short clip when the road widened a bit which is below. There was also a bridge which apparently is the place to come to showoff your graffiti skills. As you can see, we stopped for a photo opp.

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