Couple of Days at Glacier National Park

Well we have been in West Glacier for about four days now. Planned to take a bunch of pictures of the National Park, and I did, but the weather did not cooperate as well as I had hoped. We took our first trip on Saturday with rain forecast all day. The low cloud cover did not make for the best shooting environment but it did keep many away. We were able to travel on the famed Going to the Sun Road almost unimpeded and enjoyed the park and cool temperatures. Sunday was more of the same so we elected to skip the park that day and head out early on Monday.

Monday came and we lit out about 6:15am. There was no rain and the sun started to shine through and it made for a nice day. Many others had the same idea and several of the popular spots were already inundated with people. I was able to snap a few shots which I have posted in the PCH Galley. We were able to see some mountain sheep as well as a black bear crossing the road. Bear took me by surprise and I did not get a shot off before he disappeared into the heavy brush but we count ourselves fortunate to have seen one since we got skunked at Yosemite.

Spending our anniversary driving about 7 hours tomorrow so that should be a good time.

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