Channel Islands NP

After a couple of days of taking it easy with visits to Morgans shop and Blakes restaurant, we ventured today to the Channel Islands National Park via a sea charter. We used Island Packers to take the four of us to two of the islands, Anacapa and Santa Cruz on a wildlife cruise around the islands. It was well worth the trip. We say an abundance of brown pelicans and other birds, sea lions, common dolphins and the star of the trip, a giant endangered blue whale. The pod of dolphins was spectacular to see.  I have never seen that many dolphins in one place.  The video itself does not do it justice since the same action was on the other side and front and rear of the the boat.  Pictures of the rest of the trip will be forthcoming when I get the chance and will be on the National Park Gallery of this site. We ended the day with some Pho at Pho Oxnard and headed back home tired and happy.

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