Bike ride to Yountville

Today we took the Napa Vine Route from Napa to Yountville for lunch. The Napa Vine Route is for bikes and pedestrians only and is a great way to make the trip. Eventually the Vine Route is going to run from Valejo all the way to Calistoga, a 47 mile stretch. We headed out about 10:00ish to our start point then rode a little over nine miles to Yountville with 2 hours to spare for our reservations. Since shopping was a bit of a bust due to all the closed stores, presumable covid victims, we took the opportunity to sample a few wines at the Wine Country Connection. Super nice owner Kevin helped us select a few based on our tastes and we had a good talk about the different attitudes between Texas and CA on the covid issue. He made the point CA should have followed in TX footsteps. We agreed. We had lunch at RH where I paid 20$ for a burger and 32$ for a French dip, although it had a fancier description. Very good sandwiches but not 52$ worth. Was a little more uncomfortable riding back due to the extra weight we acquired but we made it nonetheless. Spagetti on the menu tonight to stretch the budget.

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