Away in Kauai

Our final port of call before disembarkment tomorrow was in Kauai, HI and this is probably our favorite port of the ones we visited. The island is lush, beautiful and small. We did not have an excursion planned so we opted to rent a jeep and explore the island on our own. This was a fairly easy prospect. We started out by hitting the best place for Poke in Lihue which reportedly was Fish Express a small takeout shop in the city center. It was quite good but no place to sit so we encroached on a resort for their use of a table and chairs. We then spent the rest of the day driving to the extreme end of the North side of the island, visiting shops and taking a few photos. Tried to make a sunset shot in Poipu but were rained out. Had dinner at a not so Hawaiian eatery called Brenneckers which I cannot recommend before returning the card and heading back to the ship.

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